Depression, the scourge of the age that makes the functioning of people more and more difficult, significantly reducing the quality of everyday life of those who experience it. But what is the reality about the concept of "Depression" and how could it be dealt with radically?

  First of all, what I understand as a therapist but also as a person, taking into account the mental states of the treated, their family environment, their work environment, my personal experiences, scientific knowledge and literature, I came to the conclusion that depression likely to is a mental state / mood, such as anger, bad mood, etc.

Written by Angeliki Kokeridou Niarchou - Doctor of Physical Therapy (Psychotherapist)

  The answer is often difficult, painful and seemingly formal but purely essential. The pain or what we call mental pain comes from the combination of our deepest belief and the voice of our subconscious that guides u.

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Angeliki Kokeridou - Niarchou, N.D., MSc, Prof.
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