What is?

  Physicopathic or Orthomolar Medicine is the science that deals with the replenishment of vital nutritional deficiencies in the organism that is being treated using individual or combinations of nutritional substances (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, enzymes, etc.) in concentrated form and high dosage for competent time - until the desired balance is restored and the condition eliminated. From that point onwards, changes (in the most natural way) to lifestyle and diet, avoiding environmental challenges (such as exposure to contaminated atmosphere and toxins), and some minor preventive measures (such as good quality multivitamin daily) to avoid future complications and to maintain health.

Therapeutic Means

Physicopathy uses as a therapeutic remedy :

  Combined to awaken the body's own strengths to fight the disease and restore health.

  As a science of holistic healing and prevention, orthomolar medicine provides the person with a complete program to follow, not just nutritional advice. Thus, in addition to feeding, the patient should also change certain aspects of his lifestyle and environment (as far as he can) for better and more permanent results.

The Foods

  This program is almost always designed specifically for the needs and having regard to the temperament and biochemical peculiarity of each individual and often includes the following elements:

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